Our Church

The Pentecostal Deliverance Church of Christ, Inc., was founded June 19, 1992 by the late Elder Robert

Covington.  However, prior to this incorporation the name of the church was Holy Temple
#2; which

was established by Elder James Young.  During the year of 1982,  our founder, Elder Covington was on a

week long consecration for direction from the Lord.  He specifically wanted to know where to go as he

progressed on his spiritual journey.  Consequently, at the conclusion of this time of spiritual dedication,

he received a call from a Pastor by the name of Elder James Young;
who was planning to leave New

York and relocate to Mississippi.  He wanted to relinquish his church into the hands of Elder Covington.

He did not know our founder.  However, he shared with our late shepherd, that during October of

1982, the Lord spoke to him and charged him with the task of of locating Elder Covington.  Once

located, he was instructed by God to pass the mantle of the responsibility of Holy Temple#2 over to his

care.  Subsequently, Elder Robert Covington joined Holy Temple #2 along with his wife, Mother Sylvia

Covington and their five children, Traun, Alison, Orlando, Kim and Darius.

Our founder served faithfully as the Pastor of Holy Temple #2.  During this time, under the power of

the Holy Ghost and wise leadership, the ministry enhanced immediately.  The power of God

through our founder was demonstrated in a mighty and significant manner.  Men, women, boys and

girls were delivered from drug addiction, sickness, demons and various other types of sins.

In late 1990, the Lord began to speak to and direct our founder to both change the name of Holy

Temple #2, as well as, to incorporate.  Consequently, after diligent laboring and prayer, June 17,

1992 Holy Temple #2 changed its name to Pentecostal Deliverance Church of Christ, Incorporated.

Our founder, the late Reverend Robert Covington, was a mighty man of wise, spiritual Godly

intelligence.  Under his tutelage, he organized the church.  He created and established:

-The Pentecostal Deliverance Adult Choir

-The Children's Choir

-Usher Board

-Deacon's Board

-Minister's Board

-Pastor's Aide

-Pulpit Committee

-Youth Department

Our founder exemplified his immeasurable professional experience as a "second to none" engineer

of over 20 years, in the Yorkville area of New York City; overseeing and managing numerous sites. 

His Pastorship would also draw from his educational background from The New York State Air

Resources School, where he received a degree in Engineering, as well as, his attendance at The

LaSallle University, where he received a degree in Stationary Engineering.  Reverend Covington

utilized a variety of his skills and talents as he made noteworthy aesthetic improvements to our

church.  He created a Pastor's Office, added a second restroom, enhanced the kitchen, leveled the

flooring of the sanctuary, added cosmetic commercial tiles and mounted paneling to the walls of

the sanctuary.  He provided an elevated designated area for the music department, extended the

pulpit area and dropped our cathedral like ceilings to encourage a more intimate and comfortable

edifice.  Reverend Covington further managed the assurance of new cushioned benches for our

church, beautiful awning with our newly incorporated church name, as well as, ensured the

purchase of a church van to ensure members were transported to the worship services.

Reverend Covington, our founder, was known for his love and concern for humanity, the

tremendous anointing that rested upon his life, his seriousness about ministry and kingdom

building, along with his commitment, love and devotion to his family.  He is remembered for the

demonstration and manifestation of the power of God, which was exemplified in the multitude of

souls that received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, were delivered from drug addiction, illnesses and

demons.  He is known for his legendary devotion to his church and the upbuilding of the ministry

and kingdom of God.  He was a father figure and mentor to many whom he provided Godly and

wise counsel.  His faith in God was unmovable and his legacy as a leader will forever distinguish him

as truly great.

Consequently, as God chose in His infinite wisdom, May 25, 2010, our founder, Reverend, Elder

Robert Covington, completed his assignment.  He laid down his staff and pilgrimmed beyond mortal

men.  Shortly there after his daughter, Evangelist Kimmie Covington-Johnson picked up the mantle

and was favored as the Interim Pastor.  Subsequently, Evangelist Covington-Johnson was both

ordained and installed as the new Pastor of Pentecostal Deliverance Church of Christ, Inc., Saturday,

January 15, 2011.

Under the guidance of Pastor Johnson, the leading of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God, she has

made notable contributions to the ministry.  She endorsed both the Pentecostal Praise Newsletter

and the Young Men's Pray and Play Ministry.  Pastor Johnson launched the Pentecostal Deliverance

Singles Ministry, established our Quarterly Marriage Seminar Series,  and endorsed the Fifth

Saturday Youth Fellowship.  She has continued to add to the aesthetic foundation of our church

through various remodeling projects, which continue to enhance our edifice.

Our Founding Shepherd has left us with a solid church foundation to build upon.  As well, he

verbalized to us the great vision for the house, that now rest upon our shoulders.  It must come

to pass..."For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie:

though it tarry, wait for it;  because it will surely come, it will not tarry." Habakkak 2:3.